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observers from arab countries is due to arrive in syria on thursday to assess the situation there. >> these images posted online claim to show the city of homs. it is impossible to say who is shooting at him, but it is clear there are casualties. bashar assad's security forces are regrettably -- are reported to have killed nearly a 200 people in the last two days, including numerous and deserters from the syrian army. protesters are celebrating the victims as martyrs. 18 of for an monitress this task with finding out exactly what is going on -- 18 of foreign monitors has a task to find out what is going on. there will be independent eyewitnesses. >> they will have the right to freely move, freely meet with people if they have to go to prisons, hospitals. >> but images on syrian state tv of military exercises raise questions about assad's real intent. and accompanying that buick -- footage, a message to viewers that the army is ready to strike back against any aggression perpetrated by any means that the syrian state. >> let's shift to some business news. its price cash injection f
>> hello and welcome to the "journal" on dw-tv. in syria, troops are seen leaving the city of homs. in russia, prime minister putin waves off opposition demands to review election results. >> eurozone bank account a record some of overnight cash -- eurozone banks count a record sum of overnight cash. >> we start in syria with renewed protests against president al assad's regime. tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets, and they were inspired by a team of observers who visited the city of homs. government tanks were seen withdrawn before the monitors arrived, but troops still clashed with protesters across the country, killing at least 15, and the violence has not stopped. were greeted by angry crowds in homs. activists of bloated this video showing residents pleading with observers while gunfire erupted in the background -- activists uploaded this video. tanks are reported to have pulled out of the city shortly before the observers are ride. a woman demanded that prisoners be released, saying six young men disappeared on monday. with the tanks gone, the streets fille
in syria to monitor the implementation of a peace deal between the assad regime and opposition forces. broadcast these images of carnage and rubble, the first direct attacks in the heart of damascus. doors and windows burst. everything was destroyed. people lying in bed were injured by shards of glass. >> the government says most of the victims were civilians. the assailants targeted syrian military intelligence and the powerful plainclothes security service. the blasts, a day after arab league observers started a mission to oversee an end to nine months of bloodshed in syria. assyria's deputy foreign minister -- syria's deputy foreign minister said anyone with a conscience must condemn the attacks. all along, the government has been claiming that terrorists and armed gangs were behind the uprising. now, syrian state television has blamed al qaeda for these blasts. >> for more analysis on what is happening in syria right now, i am joined in the studio by a middle east analyst. thanks for being with us. the syrian national council is saying that the syrian regime is directly responsibl
jones with the business news. >> our top stories, opposition to president assad's regime corzine syria, and the peace monitoring mission is on its way. number currey in mourn the death of kim jong il, as concerns mount about whether his son and successor can guarantee stability. the death toll from floods in the philippines plans close to 1000. the president declares a national disaster. ♪ >> the violent crackdown on opposition protesters in syria does not appear to be letting up. the london-based syrian observatory for human rights said government forces have killed dozens of army deserters in a northern district. this comes as a team of observers from the arab league prepares to arrive in syria on thursday to assess whether damascus is committing human rights abuses. >> anti-government protests continue, despite the violent crackdown. these images of loaded to the internet show thousands of people demonstrating against the regime of bashar al-assad. his security forces are rarely seen in these images. it is mainly the wounded or the dead. now foreign observers are set to start moni
on saturday against the alleged election irregularities. >>> syria's president al assad has denied ordering a bloody crackdown on protesters and blamed the violence on security force members. assad made the claim on wednesday in an exclusive interview with u.s. abc news in damascus. >> i did my best to protect the people. do not feel guilty when you feel your best. you feel sorry for the life that has been lost, but you don't feel guilty when you don't kill people. >> assad said he had never ordered his forces to kill citizens adding that every brutal reaction was by an individual, not by an institution. the u.n. says the death toll from the violence in syria has topped 4,000. the u.n. human rights council has adopted a resolution condemning the assad administration for its crackdown on dissidents. meebl, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton on tuesday met syrian opposition figures and praised their struggle to bring democracy to the country. the secretary told them that a democratic transition means more than simply removing the assad regime. >> it means setting syria on the path of the
within the e you leave london isolated. and syria signed a deal -- signs a deal, but the bloody conflict shows no signs of stopping. kim jong il, the absolute ruler of communist north korea, has died at the age of 69. the official announcement came on monday on state television, two days after the leader apparently died of a heart attack during a train journey. his funeral is scheduled for december 28. his third son, kim young in -- kim jong-un is widely expected to be his successor. there are concerns about his lack of experience in the country's future stability -- in the the country's future stability -- and the the country's future stability. >> it was a portrait of kim jong il hung in every living room. the public displays of grief for widely covered by north korea's state television. >> now that he is gone, it has become clear to us what a great leader we had. >> we have to carry on without him now, but we will still try to make our country as strong as possible. >> the news caught south korea off guard. its intelligence agency learned of kim's death from the north's tv broadcasts.
to the "journal." i'm in berlin. >> welcome. >> these are our headlines this hour. >> renewed violence in syria as arab league observers are due to start their mission. >> bope ben direct iv condemns attacks on christians in nigh -- nigeria. >> the first 50 arab league observers have reportedly arrived in damascus. the observers could be headed to homes on tuesday. the city has been a stronghold of resistance to alassad's regime. they have traveled to the country to monitor whether syria has implemented a peace plan. >> one of the things are the observers are going to check is whether the syrian government is pulling tanks out of cities. but unverified video posted online says it shows the army firing on civilians on monday. activists say at least 23 people were killed, when the arab league observers start work, they'll offer the first official outside version of events. >> we're not going to give our opinions, but rather to report information about the extent to will the syrian government has implemented their obligations. have armed personnel been evacuated from streets? has syria paved the w
. >> a look at our headlines. criticism grows of the arab league observers in syria as their presence so far failed to stop the killing. dozens of kurdish civilians are killed in an attack. the turkish army says it was aimed at militants. anyon the christians from around the world gather here in berlin for the annual meeting of the tazei community. ♪ >> syrian security forces are continuing their crackdown on anti-government protesters with at least 25 people killed in a day of violence nationwide. activists said that some 20,000 people were demonstrating outside a mosque in a damascus suburb when troops opened fire with live ammunition. the latest clashes took place as arab league observers were said to be close by, but their credibility is being increasingly questions. >> activists in syria say they're disappointed with the arab league peace mission appeared one of the monitors key tasks is to check whether president assad's regime has stopped its military crackdown on popular unrest. but syria is a large country, and there are only 150 observers. the civilian death toll is reportedly ri
>> your welcome to the "journal." fresh clashes in syria as questions are raised about the credibility of arab league monitors. funeral ceremonies take place for legal korean leader kim jong il amid scenes of public grief. investors showed unexpected interest in the second italian bonds raging. the country expecting a windfall. the violent crackdown on anti- government protesters in syria continues, despite the presence of arab peace monitors in the country. activists said syrian security forces fired on thousands of demonstrators, killing at least six people. meanwhile, arab league monitors visited the city of homs, which has seen violent demonstrations the past few months, but monitors said they had observed nothing out of the ordinary. syrian activists have denounced the fact-finding mission as a force. >> the observers have been home since tuesday. this video appears to show them surrounded by a crowd of angry locals. people say the monitors are ignoring their attempts to explain what is happening. the head of the mission was quoted as saying some places looked "a b
on hu -- riots as protestors are cracked down on. syria's president denies ordering a crackdown on protesters. >> europe is working to save the euro. >> germany has added its voice to international concern over election fraud in russia. a spokesman for chancellor angela merkel said the way that sunday's parliamentary election was carried out in some places was worrying. protest over russian prime minister vladimir putin's script on power is a gripping major cities. police have been on the streets in full force to quell anti- kremlin demonstrations. >> a large police presence was sent to the square. they were -- protesters were out in force to protest the recent elections. activists have been organizing themselves on social networking sites. moskow's city authority gave the go-ahead for people to protest. tens of thousands could turn out. >> before, people did not protest against electoral fraud so much. i would like to see those in power deal with this discontent head-on. >> the kremlin is getting increasingly nervous. it is showing weakness. that will provoke more street protes
. >> this signature should allow international observers into syria. the syrian deputy foreign minister traveled to cairo to ink the agreement. the head of the arab league he said a team of arab observers will arrive in damascus within 72 hours. their job will be to monitor the arab lgue peace plan that syria signed up to last month. it requires us to redeploy its troops out of cities and to release political prisoners -- it requires syria to pull its troops out of cities and to release political prisoners. some are skeptical about the deal. signing the agreement will not help -- >> signining the agreement will not help the regime. assyrian people do not want to return to the past -- 2. and -- the syrian people do not want to return to the past. >> protest against basashar - assad's regime started in march. the un estimates that more than 5000 people have died in the government crackdown. the arab league had threatened to hand the matter to the u.n. security council. >> we are staying in the middle east. violence between protesters and security forces in cairo has continued into a fourth day. at
to our headlines for this hour. thousands take to the streets in syria. international condemnation after the invasion of the offices of non-governmental organizations onion israel. >> and a new austerity package. >> anti-government protesters to to the streets across syria in massive numbers, calling again for the resignation and prosecution of presidentsal- assad. activists were determined to hear their voices heard the big -- heard. huge demonstrations took place in damascus and duma. authorities used mail bombs to spurs the crowds. >> these treats screened with blood. many urgently needed medical care. the clouds of tear gas needed difficult for crowds to great. activists say this unconfirmed internet footage is from a suburb of the capital of damascus. this ries "-- reads the 30th of december. thousands came out to protest against the regime of president bashar al-assad. damascus and homs has become the center of the nine-month revolt. international authorities are trying to determine whether damascus is complying with a plan. protesters ran out in force on friday, determined to make
will be dangerous and difficult for iraq in the whole region, because things are nont calm in syria. >> thank you for your assessment. an advance team from the arab league has arrived in syria and head of an observer mission due to start at the end of this month. monitors will be tasked with determining whether the regime is taking steps to end its bloody crackdown on protesters. many opponents of president assad fear the regime will ramp up the violence to discourage protests ahead of the official start of the mission. human rights groups say syrian forces have killed more than 200 people this week alone. france has sparked a major diplomatic dispute with turkey by taking steps to criminalize the denial of genocide. the lower house of the french parliament has approved a bill that would make it illegal to deny the genocide of armenians by ottoman turks in world war one. the turkish prime minister denounced the draft law as politically motivated. ankara has since withdrawn its ambassador from paris and reduced its military cooperation with france. >> the turkish community of a french reacted to t
2012 onwards. we can see signs of that happening at the moment in bahrain and syria. >> it may be some time before iraqi's can enjoy lasting security in their country. >> just how long is anyone's guess, as the civilian death toll continues to mount. the price for america has been high as well. the military has seen a record number of dead, wounded, suicides, and emotional disorders. those who are returning home on harmed are glad that they made it, even if they are coming back from a war that most americans believe was a mistake. >> few expected the war to have lasted so long. the u.s. troops arriving back here at fort hood in texas are among the last to return home from iraq. the families of the returning soldiers are waiting anxiously, just a few kilometers away. amongst them, lori henley and her children. >> we are so excited. it has been a long year. there's nothing as exciting as knowing that they are coming home to stay this time. ♪ >> it has been 10 long months since sergeant troy saw his wife and children. >> feels good to be back home. no complaints. ready to get home, now.
on this closely-watched issue. >> human rights activists in syria say at least 15 people have been killed by security forces at anti-government demonstrations after friday prayers. deaths were reported from dara, douma, and homs, where security forces opened fire on demonstrators. regime forces and militiamen had encircled the city of homs. violence comes a day after a major oil pipeline serving the hom's area was blown up. at least 89 people have died in a fire that broke out in a hospital in the eastern indian city of calcutta. most of the victims were patients who were trapped by the flames and inhaled smoke. >> there were dramatic scenes at the hospital. rescue workers struggled to reach the upper floors to save patients trapped in an orthopedic ward. for many, help came too late. this man says, "there are no lights in the building. the doors are closed. everything is full of smoke." officials said the death toll could rise. the fire was the second in three years at the hospital. angry relatives blamed emergency services, saying they arrived too late and were poorly equipped. the poli
is demanding that the u.n. security council investigate syria for crimes against humanity. this is the estimated death toll of the unrest in the country, reaching 5000. despite the government's crackdown, syrian tv broadcast, wall-to-wall coverage of local elections taking place, but internet images show continued street battles. an estimated 23 people were killed tuesday alone in homs and other city centers. in new york, the german master westerwelle wanted to introduce further tough measures against the assad government. iran has rejected a request by the united states to return captured spite drone and says that plane is now the property of iran. the foreign -- the foreign ministry said instead of asking for the drawn back, washington should apologize for violating their airspace. iran's scientists are now analyzing the aircraft technology. iran announced last week that it had downed the unmanned u.s. spy plane in the east of the country. canada still has a legal obligation under u.n. rules to cut its emissions, that despite the country's pullout from the kyoto protocol
countries and to a certain extent in yemen. but protesters in syria are still risking their lives to demand the resignation of bashir-assad. you can say that steve jobs developed kizuna with his inventions. people bonded over the ipod, the iphone, the ipad and much more. the co-founder and former ceo of apple died at the age of 56. his death prompted an outpour of emotion around the world as people gathered to mourn the loss of a man who many called a genius. another high profile death prompted the opposite reaction. we saw kizuna at play in the united states as some americans gathered together to celebrate the killing of al qaeda leader osama bin laden but the united states carried out the military operation in pakistan without permission. that tested the bond between the two nations. bilateral relations have been strained since. kizuna has also come to the forefront in europe's debt crisis. some euro zone countries want to strengthen the ties and rules that bind them to save the single currency. the financial, political and social turmoil has battered the bonds between citizens and their
. spyware has been used by a number of governments. iran, bahrain, and syria are all thought to have deployed german software. >> the issue has been raised by germany's opposition greens. for the first time, the government has admitted giving spyware export credit guarantees under a scheme called hermes. >> that means the german government gave direct or indirect support to exports of german spy software. we're worried some of those exports were to dictatorships or unjust regimes and using it to suppress their people. >> the german economics ministry declined to answer questions on the matter, saying i was not available. >> of being connected means we are never alone, even if we think we are. well, today when you do a search on the web, every bit of information you enter and access may be analyzed and stored. that explains why many of the ads popping up seem tailor-made for you. now, you might appreciate this and even take advantage of some of it, but critics say this is manipulation. and they warn it could spell the end of the free information era. >> many users are not aware that g
. >>> international pressure on syria is intensifying. e.u. ministers will meet thursday to discuss further action against the regime. it has been cracking down on opposition protests for eight months. the turkish foreign minister said his country has imposed sanctions on damascus that include freezing syrian government assets and suspending all financial dealings, including sales of weapons and military equipment. syrian forces are reported to have shot dead at least six protesters. >>> the muslim brotherhood has claimed the league in egypt's first public three elections since the overthrow of hosni mubarak. the freedom and justice party says that initial results put it in the lead with over 40% of the vote creditthe also puts the liberal egyptian blocked neck and neck with the ultra- conservative party for second place. the official first-round results are expected thursday. the final makeup of parliament will not be made clear until march. >>> syriana is here to talk about a concerted move by the banks? >> that is right, and a surprise move, global central banks have agreed on a coordinated act
submitted a draft resolution to the united nations security council, seeking to end the violence in syria. the contents have not been disclosed, but france's envoy has called the proposal "an extraordinary event." syrian opposition activists are reporting that army deserters have killed 27 members of the government security forces. this week, the united nations said some 5000 people have been killed in serious since the crackdown on protesters began earlier this year. it is an annual event for russia's prime minister, a phone-in show on national tv, but this is no ordinary year. putin has been the target of the biggest demonstrations in decades after the elections that the opposition says were rigged. putin immediately went on the offensive. while the knowledge the right to protest, he also knowledge russia would not stand by it four nations tried to influence its domestic affairs. >> vladimir putin was in top form. in a televised debate, the russian prime minister shrugged off accusations that his party cheated its way to victory. he said he was pleased that so many people turned out to
of yemen is set to leave office. and did not forget syria, a sock's power appears to be weakening. the arab spring is far from over, even in tunisia. we went back to where it all began and found that life there is still not easy. >> the day begins in a typically tunisia and way, with demonstrators blocking a road. the demonstrators are taxi drivers, protesting agains corruption among civil servants at their local authority. they say is impossible to get a taxi license without paying bribes to officials, and they are furious. >> my son is unemployed, and my wife is seriously ill. i have been through so much, and the one has to pay bribes to more bribes, to get our licenses. -- if they want us to pay bribes. >> the police arrive and end the blockade, for now. and we can continue our journey. this is our first impression of the public mood at the moment in tunisia. some 250 kilometers south of the capital tunsi, it was here exactly one year ago that a young educated man, mohammed bouazizi, set fire to himself to protest against local corruption and the lack of jobs aspects -- prospects. that h
jones with the >> our top stories, opposition corzine syria, and the peace monitoring mission is on its y. numb c curre in mournhe death ofimong sether hi son andsoanth♪ oppotirost syrnes have eds frohe >>inteet sw ouese images. ion. ophe ige its sllot.shashpl ag aead o nouryasnted atoupaer wleel he isn sre amoinre i bin nle k jg dila o desteomt. the second i ' ggt ho up, despite after falling in tr been watching a it defied exctio a re to 107.2 points in december, and isoonnug in the coming months. the mood in the german economy is improving. the construction booming at a time of year which usualls aul all-in-all, business leaders are or optimism t than recent months. t dtrisis to cold in the eurozone, the iexecne four months in a row. not until november did mood turnaround. it this optimismexecutives is gh predictions oumerous economists. several institutes are expecting a recession n yr. with doubts still hanging over the euro darusmes ordering deeperri cuts, cora.erman exports are likely t for now, domestic demand is unfettered by such concerns germans seem willing t to spd thei
-assad a neighborhood bad disibuted in the pro- assad one. b the observers found little mess in syria, but er a expectations that their tone will change their given full accesso e cities they are visiting. >> egyptian authorities have ra of annette least 18 pro-democracy and human amg e ngo's taeted were a german foundation and several american groups. the u.s. w vy concerned about the raids and urged the egyptian authorities to sp att ll hsment of ngo af egyptian prosecutors also seized computers in t oraon which it called an investigation into the foreign funding of rights the u.s. has confirmed it will selliger jets to saudi arabia in a deal worth washington will supply 84 new boeing f-15 aircraft and upade 70 planes in saudi arabia's fleet. the state to pert id t agreement sent a strong message abhe.the u.s. is committed t the announcement comes at a time of heightened tension wit in over its nuclear program. lst5 people have been killed in an airstrike in southeastern tury. e military says it was targeting kurdish militants, but aroh party says most of the casualties were civilians. iui
than in march as it originally planned. >>> an opposition group in syria has accused the government of staging terror attacks in the capital to justify its crackdown on protesters. state-run television says at least 30 people were killed in damascus on friday in what appeared to be two suicide bombings. it showed the blast sites and said the incidents will be investigated by arab league observers. the government blamed the attacks on islamic extremists, but an anti-government group told nhk the government staged the attacks to deceive the arab league observers and justify its crackdown on protesters. the u.s. state department says the united states condemns the bombings in damascus in the strongest terms. it says there's no justification for terrorism of any kind and that it's crucial the bombings not impede the work of the arab league monitoring mission. >>> a revolt in a village in southern china appears to be growing. thousands of people are stepping up their protests against plans to build a thermal power plant. hong kong media say people from the village of haimen blocked a hig
Search Results 0 to 38 of about 39 (some duplicates have been removed)